Mission Critical Cloud Solutions

Welcome to AOD-Cloud, the leading ANZ-based cloud solution provider specialising in the delivery of business-critical applications with 15 years of experience providing robust cloud solutions to distributed businesses.


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Cost effective and dependable cloud

Use AOD-Cloud's managed services to run your business efficiently and securely on a fully integrated and managed set of cloud services from AOD-Cloud, Microsoft, Amazon and others. Our integrated approach delivers a simple and easy-to-grow business technology environment.


Pragmatic and effective security

AOD-Cloud's sole focus on delivering business critical cloud services has resulted in a strong focus on effective cloud system security. Use AOD-Cloud's security expertise to protect your entire business from modern security threats.


Peace of mind made easy

Not quite in the cloud yet? No problem. With 24x7 support, a dedicated team and a modern approach, AOD-Cloud's team can help manage and support your IT operations.

Our history in business consulting means we don't just understand technology, but also what delivers value to the business - and what doesn't.


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Not all great applications were born in the cloud. Many businesses struggle with modernising their IT due to the applications they depend on and the valuable data that are not native to the cloud.


AOD-Apps provides a secure, cost-effective and proven path cloud-enabling these applications, turning them into a simple and dependable service staff can access for a fixed monthly cost.


MYOB Greentree ERP is a premier integrated enterprise system run by hundreds of businesses across Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

AOD for Greentree is the world's largest cloud hosting solution for Greentree ERP-based business systems.


Have more complex requirements? AOD-Cloud's infrastructure solution delivers a reliable, secure and high performance home for even the most complex and demanding applications.

AOD-Cloud's integrated backup and DR services provide a robust and dependable backup and DR for distributed businesses. Whether in cloud or on-premises, AOD-Cloud's managed DR provides the data protection modern businesses need.


Established in 2004, AOD-Cloud was formed to provide secure cloud hosting of business-critical systems primarily for the demanding mining sector. From these beginnings AOD-Cloud has expanded rapidly to provide a range of managed cloud, security and data protection services along with fully managed cloud hosting of business-critical systems.

Today, AOD-Cloud is trusted by leading businesses with

  • Over 75 Greentree ERP systems

  • Over 100 business-critical database systems

  • Over 1,000 users relying on AOD-Cloud services every day

  • Over 20,000 users connecting to AOD-Cloud hosted services and systems


U5, 19 Wotan Street, Perth WA 6018

AU: +61 1300 325 401 NZ: +64 9 884 0036 UK: +44 1474 770922